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An 18-wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio

If you or someone close to you has suffered injuries in a trucking accident, allow us to assist you in finding legal representation. At Calfas Law Group, we are committed to vigorously advocating for your rights.

The trucking sector operates under many regulations and legal statutes, and our team of adept attorneys is well-versed in assessing liability following such impactful accidents.

Familiar 18-wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio CausesĀ 

Trucking accidents are complex events influenced by various factors, complicating fault determination. Recognizing that significant trucking companies often possess robust defences, it is imperative to seek legal representation.

Our San Antonio team of attorneys, specializing in 18-wheeler accident cases, is prepared to confront even the most formidable corporations and trucking entities and secure the highest possible compensation for you.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents Include:

  • Motorists are distracted while driving
  • Unsafe manoeuvres when changing lanes
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • Malfunctions in brakes, tyres, or equipment
  • Rollover accidents due to overloaded or improperly loaded cargo
  • Jackknife incidents resulting from trailer malfunctions

How Prevalent are 18-wheeler accident lawyers in San Antonio?

Although trucks, commonly used for transporting goods, must adhere to strict safety standards, accidents may occur.

If you are in a collision involving these trucks, we encourage you to contact Calfas Law Group, PLLC. Our team of 18-wheeler accident lawyers in San Antonio is ready to consult with you and assist you in pursuing the justice you deserve.

Assessing the Effects of Being an Accident Victim Involving a Semi-Truck

The financial implications become apparent after the initial shock of being in an 18-wheeler accident diminishes. Victims are entitled to compensation, which considers several factors, such as

  • Lost wages resulting from injury-related time off work
  • Accumulated medical bills
  • Physical and emotional anguish
  • Ongoing pain management
  • Expenses related to vehicle repairs or replacement

Our legal experts will meticulously assess your situation, delving into details to understand the complete scope of your injuries and the financial impact of the incident. We are committed to relentless effort to ensure you receive the rightful compensation.

Securing Compensation for Physical Pain and Suffering

Given the variety of vehicles, road conditions, and weather factors, it’s challenging to avoid minor collisions entirely. Yet incidents like rollovers with large trucks can lead to life-altering injuries for occupants of smaller vehicles. Following truck accidents, those in compact cars frequently endure substantial damage or severe injuries.

Steps to Take if the Insurance Company Proposes a Modest Settlement

If you’re presented with a restricted settlement offer from the insurance or trucking company, scheduling a consultation with a legal expert is prudent. Our team of attorneys specializing in 18-wheeler accidents in San Antonio is dedicated to assisting you in obtaining the highest possible compensation for your situation.

Three Key Factors That Make Semi-Trucks More Hazardous Than Passenger Vehicles

The risks of large 18-wheelers far outweigh those of regular cars, rendering a semi-truck crash considerably more hazardous than a standard collision involving passenger vehicles. In this article, our team of 18-wheeler accident lawyers in San Antonio elaborates on the factors contributing to this heightened danger.

1- Dangerous Cargo

As previously mentioned, trucks handled by 18-wheeler accident lawyers in San Antonio can transport substantial loads, including heavy, sharp industrial equipment or dangerous chemicals. Collisions involving such cargo often lead to severe injuries. Tragic scenarios, such as sharp objects piercing windshields or equipment collapsing onto smaller vehicles, can give rise to wrongful death claims.

2- Blind Spots

Although all vehicles possess blind spots, those in large rigs pose particular hazards. These blind spots are on each side of the truck and extend to the front and rear. The extensive coverage of these blind spots heightens the likelihood of a truck driver inadvertently sideswiping a passenger car and triggering a collision.

3- Truck Driver

While numerous drivers might surpass speed limits due to time constraints, truck drivers frequently accelerate for financial motives. Unlike typical drivers, truckers typically earn based on the distance they cover. Hence, the more ground they can cover in the least time, the greater their earnings.

Consequently, specific truck drivers may prioritize covering more miles, even at the cost of sufficient rest or essential vehicle maintenance for safety. This conduct substantially heightens the risk of trucking accidents.

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Our proficient attorneys specializing in 18-wheeler accidents in San Antonio excel at negotiating with insurance companies responsible for truck accident injury claims. Allow us to manage all the legal intricacies while you concentrate on recuperating from your injuries.

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