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This summer is set to be thrilling for cryptocurrencies as Phemex crypto takes a significant stride forward in advancing blockchain technology by introducing a free educational program called Learn & Earn, scheduled to launch on June 17th.

This module covers all crucial facets of crypto exchanges and beyond, aiming to address your concerns regarding crypto technology. Even more appealing is that program graduates will receive trading bonuses and cryptocurrencies as an immediate reward.

The more you know, the bigger is the bonus

Achieving widespread adoption is crucial for any new technology to realize its full potential. Yet, given the complexity of cryptocurrency, many individuals require some encouragement to embrace it fully.

To tackle this challenge, Phemex crypto has designed cryptocurrency courses that feature an individual exam. Successfully passing the exam entitles you to trading bonuses or cryptocurrencies.

As you complete more courses, your rewards increase. Furthermore, understanding the crypto space comprehensively enhances your ability to explain it to others. This initiates a chain of learning that extends beyond just yourself.

With your backing, Phemex crypto’s cryptocurrency can eventually surpass fiat currency, ushering in enhanced cybersecurity for your assets and freedom from third-party interference.

Phemex’s courses design

To enrich the cryptocurrency learning experience and make it more enjoyable and accessible, Phemex crypto has introduced one-minute educational videos tailored for newcomers.

The foundational course, titled “Fiat Currency VS Cryptocurrency,” comprises the following chapters:

  • Understanding Fiat Currency
  • Understanding Cryptocurrency
  • Exploring the Functionality of Cryptocurrency

Further lessons, graded from basic to expert, will soon be available in a logical and user-friendly format.

Launch promotion

The Learn & Earn program is generating significant excitement and deserves recognition. To commemorate the occasion, Phemex Crypto is hosting a special promotion on social media and Gleam. Twenty fortunate participants will be chosen to receive $100 in trading bonuses each.

Key Points:

  • The global market cap kicked off the month on a positive note, reaching $2.35 trillion on Sunday, May 5, based on data from Phemex Crypto and Coingecko.
  • The Fear Greed index also indicates market sentiment has shifted from extreme fear to neutral.
  • Following a dip below $60K, Bitcoin has displayed signs of recovery over the past few days, bolstered by favorable macroeconomic indicators reported in the US.

The global market cap has begun the month on a positive note, reaching $2.35 trillion on Sunday, May 5, as per data from Coingecko. The Fear Greed index also suggests that market sentiment has shifted from extreme fear to neutral.

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Considering the future, what possibilities could May 2024 hold for the crypto market?

Bitcoin Price To Surge To $80,000

According to Phemex crypto, after experiencing a decline below $60K, Bitcoin has shown signs of recovery recently, credited to favorable macroeconomic indicators from the US. As of the latest update, Bitcoin is trading at $63,405.79.

Analysts express optimism regarding this upward trend, indicating it may endure for several days, potentially resulting in sustained price growth for BTC.

Bitcoin’s Price

Bitcoin might aim for $77,000 in the upcoming month, with a chance of exceeding $80,000 if bearish factors alleviate. Conversely, if the bearish trend intensifies, Bitcoin’s price could decline to as low as $54,000.

Bitcoin encountered difficulties in surpassing the Fibonacci pivot in April at $68,200. A recurrence of this pattern could see Bitcoin approaching this level once more.

After Bitcoin surpasses the R1 level at around $73,000, its next objective would be to reach the $77,000 mark at the R2 level. Following that, it could target the R3 level at $82,000.

Meme Coins To Rally In May

In the last 24 hours, meme coins’ market cap has surged by 11%, alongside a 40% increase in trading volume, signaling a robust market recovery. Various analyses and trends indicate that meme coins garner momentum in the crypto market, sparking forecasts of meme coin dominance in May.

Since 2024, Phemex crypto has seen several promising meme coins emerge, offering investors notable profit prospects. These include DOGE, SHIB, Dogwifhat, Popcat, Real Smurf Cat, ERC20.

This trend indicates that a meme run or season might take center stage in the crypto industry in May, with meme coins emerging as the most lucrative cryptocurrencies

Extending Wait Periods On Ethereum ETF

A significant forthcoming event in the crypto sphere is US regulators’ decision on Ethereum Spot ETFs. Despite the approaching decision day, the SEC has not provided any indications.

Investors eagerly anticipate the Ethereum ETF following the success of the Bitcoin Spot ETF. However, due to the ongoing debate regarding Ethereum’s classification as a commodity or security, the SEC has abstained from discussing the matter.

ETF applications

The probability of approval seems to decrease as time passes. Although there was initial optimism regarding the Ethereum Spot ETF applications, the likelihood of approval is currently estimated at 35%.

Analysts anticipate further delays as the decision is expected by the end of the month. The extended silence from the SEC and the tense atmosphere surrounding Ethereum’s ETF decision suggests a delay rather than an outright rejection.

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